Company Highlights

Our first manufacturing facility was built in 1988 which later became the launching point for its first expansion as SAFA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. venture that saw the light in 1996.

SAFA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. is founded in Iraq in 1996.

SAFA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. is the only Iraqi company that established to manufacture both human in addition to veterinary pharmaceuticals.

SAFA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. initially commenced the production of human medicines in 1996 with syrup and suspension lines, and then gradually expanded its range to include tablets, capsules, suppositories and drops.

SAFA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. has now more than eighty registered products with deferent strengths & dosage forms.

We supply pharmacies and wholesale drug stores, we also supply government-owned healthcare providers such as hospitals and primary healthcare centers all over the country under the auspices of the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

SAFA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. has an experienced team of more than a hundred fifty individuals. We are firmly established in business for over 30 years. Based on the solid foundation we have built and in accordance with our new expansion plan, SAFA would be one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical manufacturers of Iraq, bringing about new hope and possibilities to a developing nation.